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 We continue to create the warm, nurturing environment that families have come to know and love and that has supported the cognitive, social and emotional development of the thousands of young children who have walked through our classroom doors over the years. We are proud to commemorate this milestone anniversary and look forward to many more successful years ahead.

Our Philosophy
  We believe that the most successful Early Childhood program is child-centered and provides a happy and nurturing atmosphere in which children can develop a positive self-image and a love of learning.  The curriculum is diverse and flexible, offering a varied and developmentally appropriate choice of activities. The children are valued as able, worthy individuals and are encouraged to develop their singular talents and abilities.  PCDS advocates learning through experience and provides children with basic skills to meet future educational demands.  Children at every age level are given unlimited opportunities to learn and grow through play.  This approach provides a sense of challenge and personal mastery for each child. 

  The PCDS faculty and administration believe that every young child learns best in a well organized environment in which he or she is encouraged to verbalize, experiment and move about freely in appropriately equipped and organized classrooms.  Each group has its own schedule of activities and age appropriate curriculum.  Being a part of such a daily routine fosters feelings of security in the child and aids in teaching the child how to best organize his or her activities and time.  There is a balance of free-choice and teacher-directed activities. Classroom rules are based on safety and consideration for others.  PCDS emphasizes courtesy and acceptance of others while encouraging each child’s self-esteem.  These values are demonstrated by the entire school community, teachers, staff and children alike. 

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